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         Domtar buys diaper company to escape paper volatility 2011-08-16
         China imposes duties on imported photo paper 2011-08-16
         China-EU trade rows escalate 2011-08-16
         UK's United Biscuits faces break-up to aid disposal - paper 2011-08-16
         Paper and metal markets ˇ®steady for now' 2011-08-16
         Nippon Paper To Cut Domestic Capacity By 15%, To Up China Co Stake 2011-08-08
         Forest certification: a small step towards sustainability 2011-08-08
         Catalyst's loss widens on loonie, fires 2011-08-08
         Metso Paper and Fiber Technology's new organization 2011-08-08
         Lumber shipments to China on upward trend 2011-07-29
         ASEAN to improve cooperation with Gulf countries 2011-07-29
         China's appetite for lumber keeps B.C. mills, loggers busy 2011-07-19
         Brazil: Only pine sawnwood exports expand 2011-07-19
         Land invasions scare Chinese investors 2011-07-19
         Taiwan Paper Ind. Association Files Anti-dumping Charges 2011-07-14
         Noss to supply cleaner system to Dongguan Huangchong Yinzhou Paper in China 2011-07-14
         China's Nine Dragons defends record in ratings row 2011-07-12
         Chinese firms' difficulties 'ignored' as EU tightens protectionism 2011-07-12
          Future of Canada's forestry sector is renewable 2011-06-30
         The changing landscape of Paper industry 2011-06-30
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